What You Need:

  • Paper
  • Markers
  • Pencil

What You Do:

  1. Have your child use a marker to divide a sheet of paper into four sections.
  2. Ask them to write the following words in the boxes (the words should be in order from top to bottom, left to right): First, Next, Then, Finally.
  3. Have them think of a story they would like to tell. Encourage them to think of something that has happened to them in the past week. They can write down notes on a separate sheet of paper.
  4. Ask them to begin their story using the word already written in the box. They should have at least 3 sentences per box to help move their story forward. The first box should set up their story, the second box will further the story and create suspense or a dilemma. The third box will resolve the dilemma and explain how it was resolved. The fourth box completes the story and may include further results or effects of what happened.
  5. Encourage them to use descriptive words and create action to help further their story.
  6. Have them read the story aloud when they finish. Do they think it sounds like a complete story? Does everything make sense to them? Are there any sentences they need to edit or remove?
  7. When they finish, have them read their story to friends or family.

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