Reading Comprehension Activities for Third Graders

Help your third grade student reflect on his or her reading with these activities! They'll work on story sequencing, think about characters, and compare and contrast.

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Step Inside the Story!

Let your child step into the main character's shoes as he keeps track of the setting, events, and names of characters in the story by keeping a journal.
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Make a Book Square!

If your third grader is having difficulty sequencing events in a story, try creating this book square.
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My Bookmark

Help your child navigate her own passion for reading with a bookmark that celebrates her favorite moments, allowing her to relive them again and again.
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Compare and Contrast Words

This flash card game will help your child memorize words while visually learning the differences between objects.
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Drawing Characters

Add some artsy fun to your child's next reading adventure by letting her draw the characters.
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Sticky Note Project

Representing the story in a visual way makes it easier for your child to compare the traits of various characters.
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Fun With Reading

This game turns prediction, a major component of third grade reading, into a fun game.
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This project will help keep your child's thoughts in order as he creates stories from the beginning all the way through to the end.
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