Straw Necklaces

What You Need:

  • Two colors of straws
  • Child-safe scissors
  • Yarn

What You Do:

  1. Cut a piece of yarn that's long enough to make a necklace. You can measure it by holdng the piece around your child's neck and letting her show you how long she wants it.
  2. Once she's decides on a length, tie a knotted loop so the straws won't escape the string.
  3. Give your child several straws and show her how to cut them into pieces that are about an inch long. She should make two piles-- one of each color.
  4. Once she's created her piles of pieces, show her how to create a pattern as she strings the straw sections onto the yarn.
  5. When your child is done, simply string the end of yarn through the loop.

Once she gets the hang of this, the project can be varied by having her create patterns with three or more straw colors. Eventually, you might want to throw some beads into the mix to increase the complexity of the patterning task.

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