Fall Syllable Game

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What You Need:

  • Sheet of paper
  • Marker
  • Ruler

What You Do:

  1. Using the marker and ruler, your child should divide the paper in half lengthwise.
  2. Have your little help you come up with a list of between 10 or 20 two syllable, fall-related words. Here are some from our list: autumn, pumpkin, scarecrow, cornstalk, harvest.
  3. Using the marker, on the left side of the paper write a list of the first syllable of each word you chose. The left half of our paper looked like this:






  1. Then, still using the marker, on the right side of the paper write a mixed up list of the other syllables followed by a blank line. The right half of our paper looked like this:

    kin ____

    stalk ____

    umn ____

    vest ____

    crow ____

  2. To begin, your child must figure out which syllables can be arranged to form a full word. Then, she should draw a line between them.
  3. Finally, have her write each complete word out on the blank spaces in the right-hand column.

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