Tapping and Hugs for Managing Strong Emotions

What You Need:


What You Do:

  1. Ask your child, "What are some ways that you show love for yourself? What are tools you may use to lift yourself up if you are upset?"
  2. Tell them that there are many ways we can bring love to ourselves, and mindfulness is a powerful one.
  3. Explain that "mindfulness of breath" means bringing kind awareness to the present moment and our breathing.
  4. Guide your child to sit up tall and to take a few deep breaths.
  5. Ask them to bring gentleness to their shoulders and to relax the muscles in their face.
  6. Invite them to start tapping the tops of their feet, moving up their legs and belly.
  7. Tell them to move up their entire body, front and back, until they reach their head.
  8. Guide them to give themselves a hug.
  9. Have them bring their arms by their sides again and come to stillness.
  10. Tell them to notice how they feel and to take a few more deep breaths.
  11. Ask, "How do you feel? What do you notice?"
  12. Play the video "Tapping for Kids with Alison - What is Tapping?" 
    • Alternatively, you can read them the book Gorilla Thumps and Bear Hugs: A Tapping Solution Children's Story by Alex Orner.
  13. Afterwards, ask your learner what stood out to them from the video or story.
  14. Show them the Teach Tapping and Hugs worksheet, and read through its instructions.
  15. Provide support for your child as they complete the worksheet.

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