The Weather Inside

What you need:

What you do:

  1. Ask, "What are some emotions or feelings you have had today?"
  2. Explain that emotions come and go all the time and that this is completely natural.
  3. Play the video "The Feelings Song."
  4. Ask, "What do you remember from the video? What were the different emotions the boy and the girl felt?"
  5. Ask, "What else comes and goes, like emotions?"
  6. Explain that the weather is something that changes, just like our emotions.
  7. Play the video "Kids Meditation: Bulldog Weathers the Storm."
  8. Ask, "What did you notice? How do you feel?"
  9. Review the Silly Stories: Mindfulness of Emotions worksheet with your child and work together to complete it! Then share your silly story with another family member.

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