Monster Party Ideas

Make Monster Bash Invitations

  1. Choose a monster or two and help your child to craft imaginative invitations. Pick a less scary monster for younger kids, like a friendly ghost or even a black cat. Invitations for older kids can focus on more spooky images or standards like vampires or zombies.
  2. All invitations can start with basic art materials such as cardstock and markers. Position the cardstock vertically, and fold it so that the top touches the bottom. Draw a circle shape on the front and cut around the line, leaving the top attached together. Use markers, glue, and construction paper to design your chosen monster’s face. For example, cut strips of white paper (add some tissue in for an extra effect) to glue over a marker drawn face for a zombie.
  3. Open the card to write important party information inside. Include the party theme (monster bash), costumes, date, place, time, and RSVP contact information.

Try Some Monstrous Games

  1. Have a costume contest: Reward your guests for their creepy costumes by give out prizes like mini trick-or-treat bags filled with candy or small toys.
  2. Monster Relay Race: Set up obstacles such as a slime walk (fill a shallow play pool with green jello) or a werewolf jump (ask guests to pretend to be the wolves) and have your monster themed guests race to the finish.
  3. Monster Match: Draw or copy pairs of pictures of famous movie monsters. Ask the guests to play a memory-style matching game.
  4. Monster face paint: Parents and grown-ups at the party can use non-toxic costume paints or make-up to create magnificent monster faces for the party guests.

Create Monster-Themed Crafts

  1. Paper Bag Ghosts: This simple project is perfect for the preschool set. Stuff the ends of white paper bags with recycled newspapers and tie around the middle. Decorate a spooky face with markers or crayons.
  2. Monster masks: Use paper plates or cut paper circles, paints, glitter, and glue to make creepy Halloween masks.

Monster Treats

  1. Try treats, not tricks, for this fun Halloween party. Make ghost-shaped Rice Krispies Treats using a ghost-shaped cookie cutter or frost chocolate cupcakes with orange icing to carry on the Halloween theme. Spook the young guests with a slimy gelatin mold made from green gelatin. Add grapes as eyeballs or gummy worms for an added effect.
  2. Another option is to prepare a dinner menu from a famous monster’s country of origin. Create a Transylvanian feast fit for Count Dracula or make a German fare for Frankenstein.

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