Paint with Cotton Swabs!

What You Need:

  • Cotton swabs
  • 2-3 paint colors (prefer if child selects)
  • Small paper plate for each color of paint to be poured onto by adult
  • Construction paper
  • Paper towels for cleanup

What You Do:

  1. Use a plastic table cloth or shower liner to protect the area used for this project. Use soap and water for clean-up to encourage your to use good hygiene.
  2. Present five or six colors of paint to your child, and have him choose three to use for his project.
  3. Pour his desired colors onto separate plates.
  4. Place the cotton swabs on the work surface within your child’s reach, with some of them taped together to provide an easier grip and broader strokes.
  5. If you desire, brainstorm subject ideas for your child to paint. Invite him to create his artwork of choice on a piece of construction paper!

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