Paint Ireland

What You Need:

  • White or light colored paper
  • Tempera paints in white, blue, and yellow
  • Thick and thin paint brushes
  • Paint palette or washable tray

What You Do:

  1. Have your child mix the blue and yellow tempera paints together to make green. Encourage him to experiment with different proportions of each color and to try adding white to create different shades of green. As your artist mixes, talk about the color wheel. Which colors make purple? How about orange?
  2. Before your child begins painting, explain to your child that he will be creating a landscape painting inspired by the Irish countryside. Talk about what a landscape painting is, and look at examples of landscape paintings and photos of Ireland online for inspiration.
  3. Now it's time to paint. Taking cues from the photos of Ireland you looked at online, have your child paint his own interpretation of an Irish landscape, complete with rolling green hills, wildflowers, and maybe a fence or two.
  4. Once your child is done painting, set aside their artwork to dry.

Now that it's dry, frame your landscape painting and hang it for all to admire!

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