Toilet Paper Roll Maracas

What You Need:

  • Cardboard toilet paper roll
  • Colored paper
  • Glue stick
  • Pencil
  • Dry pasta, beans or rice

What You Do:

  1. Set the toilet paper roll on the colored paper.
  2. Carefully use a pencil to draw the dimensions of the roll on paper. It's okay if the paper is longer than the roll—you'll just glue over it.
  3. Let your child cut out the colored paper along your penciled lines.
  4. Glue the colored paper on the toilet paper roll.
  5. Encourage your child to draw and cut out fun shapes, designs, and fringes from other sheets of colored paper.
  6. Have her glue her decorative pieces on the roll.
  7. Help your child make "caps" for her homemade maraca out of the colored paper. The caps should be slightly larger than the paper roll openings.
  8. Put a small amount of glue around one end of the paper roll.
  9. Place one cap gently over the glued end.
  10. Let your child add beans, pasta or rice into the paper roll.
  11. Glue the cap on the other end. Wait for your maraca to dry.
  12. Give your maraca shake! How does it sound?

What's more fun than one maraca? Two maracas! Three maracas! Help your child make a maraca collection or create toilet paper roll maracas for each member of the family. Who knows? Maybe she can start her own band!

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