Clothespin Counting

What You Need:

  • Spring-style clothespins
  • Permanent marker or paint pen

What You Do:

  1. Because clothespins present a small surface that might be difficult for a preschooler to write on, do this ahead of time. Use the marker or paint pen to number the clothespins 1 through 10.
  2. Once the numbers are dry, mix up the clothespins and invite your child to lay them out on the table in order. Coach him gently as needed, perhaps scooting a misplaced clothes pin out of line and encouraging him to count out loud to review correct number order.
  3. Now take the clothespins to another area. Show your child how the clip works and have him arrange them down the side of a shower curtain or along the top edge of a ruffled cushion.
  4. Repeat Step 3 several times, changing locations and praising your child as his sequencing improves.
  5. Expand on this activity by helping him to clip special treat bags to a clothes line. Inside ten snack-sized zippered bags, put an appropriate number of raisins, pretzels or crackers (1, 2, 3 through 10). Have your child count the treats and match the bags with the appropriate clothespin.

In warm weather, children will enjoy washing the clothes first and hanging them outdoors to dry. No clothes on hand? Do a fun art activity and hang it up instead of the clothing!

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