Limitless Learning, Without the Work

See How It Works

What is This?

A revolutionary way to learn and teach math, reading, & more

Transfer teacher-approved knowledge from our learning cloud directly to your child's brain

Uses innovative deep brain stimulation from your phones bluetooth and wireless transmitters to deliver information directly to memory

How Does It Work?

1 Open the app and select one of our 1000+ Edumosis lessons

2 Apply phone directly to the forehead

3 Wait three minutes or until child walks away

4 Smile, knowing your kid is now a genius


“Edumosis is great! I just hold my phone out when my son Alex comes running by, and I know he’s learned something new.”

- Nancy Brigart, Mother of 3

“Cows are domesticated Bovinae.”

- Alex Brigart, Age 3


How close to my child's head does the phone need to be?

For best results, apply directly to the forehead. For squirmy children, lessons can be transferred at a distance of up to three feet by a parent or teacher following a child. Distance-exposure learning may increase time for transfer. Consult your phrenologist for optimal placement.

What devices do you support?

Any device which has wifi and bluetooth will work with Edumosis. The app runs on iOS, Android, and Windows CE.

Where on the head is optimal placement?

Because Edumosis uses wireless technology, the orientation of the phone does not matter, but there are optimal placements. For your convenience, we have classified the skills into left brain and right brain. For learning left brain topics, such as algebra, introductory Elvish, and quantum mechanics, apply to the left temple area. For learning right brain topics, such as calligraphy, 18 century composers, or underwater basket weaving, apply to the right temple area.

How do I know if it’s working?

We know how hard it can be to determine if your child is learning. Although you could talk to your child, this can be difficult and annoying, so we suggest trusting in our brain scientists, and trust that our app is working.

This sounds too good to be true!

Yes, it is pretty amazing. Since technology first made its way into the classroom, society has looked for the magic learning formula to fix education for all. With Edumosis, we believe we've found it. A quick, mostly painless, way to learn anything! We've worked on this projects for a year since our cat based learning platform fell through. We are very pleased to present this collaboration between our learning scientists, neurologists, and phrenologists. Give it a try, we are sure you will be impressed.

What skills can my child learn?

The list of skills is currently over 1000+, and constantly growing. Some highlights include: 2 digit addition, silent E words, coloring inside the lines, critical thinking, date awareness, kindergarten sight words, Neolithic agricultural practices of the Mongolian Steppe, and counting to 10.


*Edumosis may cause side effects such as extreme learning, inquisitive children, and ice cream headaches. Exposure to lessons should last between two and four minutes and not exceed three minutes. For learnings lasting more than 4 hours, please consult your doctor. For squirmy children, lessons can be transferred at a distance of up to three feet by a parent or teacher following a child. Distance-exposure learning may increase time for transfer. If side effects occur, limit use of Edumosis app and let child play outside, or simply pick up a new child when next available. Should not be used in place of regular worksheet time, Brainzy game play, or teacher-created lesson plans. For best results, purchase a Pro Lifetime subscription (and one for a friend) to be used in tandem with Edumosis app. For support regarding this product, spin around three times, wish yourself a Happy April Fools’ Day, and tweet with the hashtag #edumosis. For questions about hashtags, please consult your local teenager. Edumosis is a product of’s customer confusion committee and should not be taken seriously by anyone.

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