Numbers 0 to 10 Level 2

Teach kindergarteners all about the numbers 0 to 10 with this guided lesson which focuses not only on recognizing numbers, but beginning to understand their value. Each exercise aims to illustrate the values behind each number in an engaging way, making early math a fun occasion. If you wish to extend the learning after the lesson is over, check out our accompanying numbers worksheets.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities

Forget the monster mash ... it's time for monster math! Help your child learn to count the fun way with this catchy numbers 0-10 song. Early learners will practice counting forward and backward, number recognition and one-to-one correspondence as they sing along with this silly monster band. 

Officer Ice Cream is on the hunt for numbers. If a number's name happens to be anything from one to ten, it had better watch out! In this game, your kid will help Officer Ice Cream by using her special camera to spot the numbers hiding in the nighttime scene. It'll give your kid practice matching number names with their written numeral forms and boost number recognition skills.
In this fast-paced game, kids pop the balloon with the matching number as soon as they see it.
Grandpa Joe is a collector who loves to count! In this story, Grandpa Joe counts his way across the world, picking up one more souvenir with each stop.
Learning number shapes can be a bit of a snooze, but in this picture matching game, numbers 1-9 get a serious upgrade! Match the number to the card with the closest picture on it for math learning fun.

There's a number party happening, and numbers 1 to 10 are dancing in a conga line! Kids will flex cognitive skills and hand-eye coordination with this interactive puzzle. Boasting three levels of play and optional hints, this puzzle is fun for kids of all ages. 

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