Numbers 11 to 20 Level 2

Kindergarteners build upon their number skills in this guided lesson which focuses on the numbers 11 to 20. Not only will kids learn to identify numbers, but also begin to associate them with certain values. It's an important concept for young mathematicians that requires lots of practice. You can give kids even more chances to extend learning with the accompanying numbers printables.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Something Happens In The Teens The teens can be mixed-up and confusing, and we're not talking about teenagers! Learn how to count between 10 and 20 with this rockin' educational song.
Number Demolition: 11 to 20 This number demolition game will work students' understanding of numbers 11 to 20. Students will be asked to find the numbers located on the building. With each correct number they identify, Floyd and Roly will knock down another brick. Answer enough questions, and the whole building will fall! Engaging animation make learning about number sense fun. This skill is an essential math building block, and is particularly important to master in kindergarten.
Numbers 11 to 20 Cloud Catcher With a little bit of math magic, anything is possible! In Cloud Catcher, your preschooler can help Tutu turn clouds into rainbows by finding the numbers the narrator calls out. Also great for kindergarten or any student new to numbers, this imaginative game brings a little Education.com magic to numbers 11-20.
Mama and the Missing Shrews Mama shrew is rounding up her babies before bedtime—but some are missing! In this adorable counting story, kids follow along as mama finds her babies one by one, practicing counting along from 11 to 20. Repetition helps children practice the count sequence, and counting along with the shrews in the artwork help kids practice one-to-one correspondence.
Ski Racer: Compare Numbers 10-20 16, 15, and 11… Which number is the biggest? Which number is the smallest? Your students will decide how to start comparing numbers 11-20 in this winter-themed math game. Ski Racer: Compare Numbers 10-20 challenges kindergarten students to use their developing number sense as they move their character down the slope and take first place!
Bone Catcher 3 If you want to turn learning numbers into exhilarating fun, simply throw your students a (virtual) bone. This game has learners counting along with a timer to see just how long they can keep Floyd the dog chasing after a bone. No matter how far into the game your students get, they will love coming back for another round of counting.
Cloud Catcher Numbers 20-30 21, 22, 23… Can you identify each number as it goes by? Listen carefully at the beginning of each round and select the matching number on the cloud. Cloud Catcher Numbers 20-30 is an educational game that asks kindergarteners to practice identifying two-digit numbers. This digital resource features three randomized rounds per gameplay instance, and is a great way for students to build their number sense.

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