Flexibility and fluidity with addition is an important part of the first grade math curriculum, but it takes lots of practice to gain confidence with this skill. This lesson in addition offers guided practice which aims to increase mental math and fluency with addition. When your child finishes this lesson, you can continue the addition practice by downloading and printing the accompanying addition worksheets.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities
Learning number pairs that add together to make 10 is a foundational math skill for first grade. Help your kid get a jumpstart on mental addition with this catchy song! Early learners will love the cheerful dance animation in this song, while parents and teachers will love how the repetitive lyrics help kids learn and retain information about number pairs.

Secret Agent Floyd (aka 00K9) must defeat the evil El Gato (that would be Roly the cat) using his shrink ray and his quick math skills! As these two espionage experts traverse the dizzying heights of the city skyline, only your child's addition skills can help Floyd use the right strategy to avoid El Gato's shrink ray. Listen carefully to the clues and click on the correct numbers on the number line to help Floyd save the day!

What number pairs add to equal 5? 6? 7? Give kids a healthy dose of mental addition—and loads of fun to boot—with this fast-paced math game. Kids must choose pairs that add to equal different target numbers. They must act quickly though; each time they advance to a new round, the balls drop faster and faster! Set to silly music and featuring great artwork, this activity will have gamer kids coming back over and over again.

Follow Floyd and Birdee as they use addition to solve clues and get the treasure in "The Temple of Cheeza."

One fish, two fish, add up all the fish! In this interactive addition game, students help Birdee and Cuz-Cuz total up all the fish they've won. Inspired by tactile addition activities, this game helps students visualize addition without the use of manipulatives, to help early learners transition from solving problems in a concrete way to solving problems using mental addition strategies.

Roly the wrecking ball and crane operator Floyd need your kid's help to take down an old building. Kids must rely on mental addition to figure out which brick needs to be demolished. This engaging math game helps ease early learners into mental math by encouraging strategies that rely on the use of multiples of 10. Kids will get such a kick out of Roly knocking out bricks that they won't realize their building important mental math skills.

Ready for some fast-paced addition? In this game your kid will click on bubbles to make sums of 10 and keep the bubble structure from stacking too high. As your young number cruncher rushes to find all of the number pairs that add up to 10 and makes her way through the different levels, the bubbles start to drop into the castle at a faster and faster rate. Perfect for helping your young learner master basic addition facts, this game is also a good introduction to decomposing numbers, a math skill that will definitely come in handy in the future.

Whoever these characters are, they sure have a lot of coins! First your child will solve a multi-step word problem by placing coins to each character's basket and then she'll adding them all together to find the total number of coins. This game demonstrates the usefulness of visual aids when solving word problems and it's a fun way for her to practice her addition skills.

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