Comparing Numbers 2

First graders' fluidity with comparing numbers is an important building block for the higher-level math concepts to come in the later grades. You can give first graders a leg up with this lesson, featuring guided instruction and practice problems in comparing numbers. Once kids get through this lesson, you can download and print the suggested comparing numbers worksheets in order to provide even more opprotunities for practice.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Alligator Greater Than, Less Than Song

Down at the swamp, the gators like to eat the greater number—and they're hungry! Help kids better understand the concept of comparing numbers with this fast-paced alligator greater than less than song. Kids will get such a kick out of the repetitive lyrics and silly animation, that they'll want to watch and sing along over and over again.

Less Than or Greater Than: 1 to 20 Teach students about less than or greater than for numbers 1 to 20 in this math game, designed especially with first graders in mind. Using the classic mnemonic device of the alligator mouth to represent the meaning of the less than and greater than signs, students will choose which mouth is pointing towards the larger of two numbers. This game works number sense with two-digit numbers.
Urple and Burple

Learn about comparing numbers with this e-storybook, featuring the mischievous trolls Urple and Burple. As you read, practice counting up sheep and yams with your young one to find out who has more and who has less.

Comparing Numbers Quiz

Which number is less than 17? Early learners work with the comparison vocabulary "less than" and "greater than" in this interactive math quiz. Working with whole numbers from 1 to 20, kids must use a number line to compare digits, giving them a deeper understanding of how a number line works to count and determine correct number comparisons.

Multiples of 10 Game Show It’s game time! Young learners will delight in this silly multiples of 10 game show featuring a familiar canine host. Ideal for first graders or students working on skip counting and adding multiples of 10, kids will use their mental math skills, a hundreds chart, and clues from the host to identify the correct number. This math game is an entertaining way to build skills around two-digit addition, subtraction, and recognizing number patterns.
Less Than or Greater Than: 50 to 99 Are you ready to compare numbers in the wild? Watch out for alligators! In the math game Less Than or Greater Than: 50 to 99, kids work with numbers greater than 50 and less than 100. Catered to first graders, this educational activity helps students start comparing two-digit numbers using alligators that represent the >, <, and = symbols. The alligators always want to eat the bigger numbers, so students will help them compare each pair of numbers to find the better meal. If they are equal, the alligator will just eat both!

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