This lesson is a continuation of place value practice, and offers more instruction on identifying tens and ones in 2-digit numbers. Once first graders are able to quickly identify place value they are then able to understand on a deeper level what larger numbers actually mean. This is crucial for the math fluency that will support higher-level concepts in the later grades.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Hundreds Chart Song Help kids learn all about place value with a dose of doo-wop in this hundreds chart song. Floyd, flanked by Muggo backup singers, explains how to use this mathematical tool for skip counting, odd and even, and place value strategies in an easy-to-understand sing-along. Kids will love crooning along so much that they won't realize how much they're learning.
Place Value Game Show It’s time for the Place Value Game Show! In this digital learning game, first graders look at an interactive hundreds chart and think about place value and two-digit numbers. Players must identify two-digit numbers based on clues from the host about tens and ones. Do your students know about the tens and ones place? Find out by the end of this enthusiastic game show activity. Make sure to have the sound on to hear the clues the host has to share about each number.
Place Value Blocks Place value is a building block of math learning! In this number sense game geared toward first graders, young mathematicians will practice using place value blocks to hone their understanding of place value and two-digit numbers. Kids will count up the number of ten rods and single blocks that appear, then drag the correct numerals into the tens place and ones place to create the matching two-digit number.
Higher Numbers Card

Give a dog a bone! Challenge your little math whiz to use his number cards to make the greatest number possible and win Floyd's doggie bones. This game is a great way for your child to practice his addition skills. Knowledge of the concepts of "greater than" and "less than" will also come in handy as your child is trying to figure out the number combination that will yield the biggest number.

2-Digit Place Value Machine In this game, students are tasked with fixing Muggo's two-digit place value machine. Students are given a number and asked to move the correct number of tens and ones into the machine. Designed with first graders in mind, this game helps students to learn key math skills, such as number sense and identifying two-digit numbers.

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