This year, second graders will be introduced to the concept of multiplication using repeated addition. For example, they will learn that 5+5+5+5+5 is the same thing as saying 5x5. This guided lesson will use manipulatives to teach kids about repeated addition and give them plenty of opportunities to practice addition within 100. Download and print the accompanying worksheets for even more addition practice.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Repeated Addition Song Mastering repeated addition is an important step when learning how to multiply. Give kids a head start on multiplication with this adorable repeated addition song, featuring the addition of common one-digit numbers and one seriously hungry dog!
Match: Addition Within 20 Facts Players match the equations that equal the same number in this online math game! Great for second graders working on their addition within 20 facts, this learning activity lets kids practice solving simple addition problems and comparing the answers to find the match. As they play, children will improve their mental math and gain familiarity with the commutative property.
Bubble Buster: Addition to 20 Kids build addition fluency in this visually-pleasing, fast-paced math game geared toward second graders. In Bubble Buster: Addition to 20, number-filled bubbles cascade down the castle wall as young mathematicians strive to select two numbers that add together to a given sum. Each time they complete a round, the bubbles drop a little faster, creating an exciting game experience while providing plenty of practice with addition facts within 20!
Ski Racer: Addition to 20 Let's have a ski race while practicing addition to 20 in this fast-paced learning adventure! This math game is a fun way to help second graders practice completing addition facts in their head as they race to the finish line. For an added challenge, encourage learners to play again while trying to beat their previous time.
Ski Race: Addition to 30 It's time to shred the slopes and practice addition! Kids practice mentally adding sums up to 30 in this fast-paced addition race. Perfect for students who are transitioning from concrete, manipulative-based problem solving to more abstract addition, this game offers a gradual transition into mental math that kids will want to play again and again.
Match: Addition Within 30 and Missing Addends Players hone their two-digit addition skills in the game Match: Addition Within 30 and Missing Addends! Second graders are given four numbers and four incomplete equations, and their goal is to correctly match each equation with its missing addend. This online math activity is a great way to show kids how much fun math can be!
Secret Agent Addition to 100 Evil Mr. Cat is bent on shrinking the city, and it's up to your child to save Agent 00K9 and everyone else! In this action-packed addition game, kids practice two-digit addition up to 100. Perfect for students who are moving away from manipulatives, this number line game helps them strengthen mental math skills, and count when necessary.
Match: Three-Digit Addition and Finding 10 More Get ready to add 10 in this online matching game! Perfect for students learning about three-digit addition, this math exercise challenges kids to analyze expressions like "110 + 10" and "141 + 10" as they calculate their sums. The game Match: Three-Digit Addition and Finding 10 More is a helpful resource for second graders looking at three-digit numbers and patterns involving multiples of 10.
Ski Racer: Three-Digit Addition and Finding 10 More There’s a trick to adding 10 to three-digit numbers—do you know what it is? In the game Ski Racer: Three-Digit Addition and Finding 10 More, your students will practice their math and pattern recognition skills as they help their character solve each addition problem. Second graders who are learning about adding 10 to multiples of 100 can reinforce their learning with this great resource.
Match Addition Facts to 20 Set 2 Which numbers add up to 15? Which numbers add up to 12? Second graders will have to match each addition fact to its answer in this digital learning exercise. As they play through the game Match Addition Facts to 20 Set 2, your students will practice using offline strategies to add within 20 and build math critical thinking skills.
 Ski Racer: Three-Digit Addition and Finding 100 More Reinforce your child's three-digit addition skills with the ski-themed learning adventure Ski Racer: Three-Digit Addition and Finding 100 More. Players must use their knowledge of math and pattern recognition skills to quickly solve addition problems they encounter as they race down the slope. This second grade game is a great way to encourage kids to practice adding 100 to three-digit numbers.
Matching Pictures and Equations Manipulatives are used in math to help kids grasp the concepts of putting together and taking away. Kids connect concrete images and abstract equations in this matching math game. These three-step problems encourage kids to build up mental math skills and add small numbers quickly.

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