Subtraction fluency within 20 is the focus of this guided lesson for second graders. Kids will be tasked with mental subtraction, as well as with using manipulatives and drawings to add and subtract larger numbers. Word problems will help to round out the lesson, as kids follow the step-by-step method of solving subtraction word problems. For even more practice in this skill, check out our subtraction worksheets.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities
The Shark Dentist
As sharks, Dr. Chompers' patients are great at biting, but aren't so great at counting. Help Dr. Chompers take care of what teeth his patients have left in this story that practices subtraction.
Secret Agent Addition and Subtraction
Help Agent 00K9 dodge the evil El Gato in this fun-filled, spy-themed number line game! Kids must quickly add or subtract two-digit numbers to reveal the secret code and save the day. This interactive math game encourages students to use a number line to strengthen mental math skills.
Ski Race: Subtraction Within 20

Kids glide into subtraction in this silly math game. Young learners practice subtraction within 20, building mental math fluency with every correct answer. Kids will love cruising down the mountain in this fast-paced game, and educators will love how tackling simple subtraction problems will help children build important math skills.

Demolition: Subtract by 10 and 100

Hard hats on, that building is coming down! Kids practice mentally subtracting 10 and 100 in this fun, construction-themed game. Each time a child gets an answer correct, a brick is crumbled. Answer enough correctly, and the whole building will come down. This interactive game is perfect for any reluctant math learner.

Add and Subtract Within 1000
Time for a shopping run! Kids practice addition and subtraction with manipulatives in this silly shopping game. Children choose 1, 10, or 100 packs of toilet paper to create three-digit numbers shown onscreen. By connecting abstract numbers with concrete manipulatives, kids build skills that will help them master math fluency.
Two-Step Subtraction

The gang is going apple picking, and they need help getting just the right amount of bushels. Kids help the group collect just the right number by subtracting apples in two-step equations. Using manipulatives helps kids strengthen essential math skills to help prepare them for mental math equations.

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