Addition and Subtraction 1

Understanding that addition means putting together and subtraction means taking away is an important building block for young mathematicians. This guided lessons helps preschoolers master this concept, focusing on addition and subtraction within 5. Having a firm grasp of addition and subtraction is crucial for math fluency. Don't forget to check out the addition and subtraction printables that help to extend learning after the lesson is over.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities

Introduce early learners to the concept of simple addition to 5 with this sweet song about singing birds. Featuring colorful, kid-friendly animation and easy-to-learn lyrics, this educational song is one kids will want to watch over and over again.

How many bugs are on the rug? In this beginning math game, kids must count and drag the correct number of bugs. Designed to help kids follow instructions and introduce them to basic addition, this counting game works on important preschool concepts. Plus, the bug graphics are so cute, kids will want to play time and time again.

This pizza needs 8 toppings—and the chef needs your child's help. Explore simple addition using pizza topping manipulatives in this interactive math game. Preschoolers practice counting toppings one-by-one, aided by visual clues to help them get each order just right. This concrete counting game helps kids master one-to-one correspondence, a foundation for success with addition problems.

Your child gets to choose the path of his adventure in this epic interactive tale, and will love reading the story over and over to uncover all of the different endings. Tag along with Penelope as she searches high and low for Learningham's missing prince, or join forces with Muggo to recover the Queendom of Learningham's missing treasure—all while building important reading skills and vocabulary.

How many wheels can Wally sell? Floyd doesn't think he needs any wheels in this story—but Wally the wheel salesman wants to show him all the wonderful things they can do. Kids will be so enchanted by this whimsical addition story, that they won't realize they're picking up important math concepts while they read.

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