Measurement and Data 1

This introduction to measurement offers guided lessons in measurement vocabulary, including more, less, small, big, short, tall, empty, full, light, and heavy. Kids will learn how to use objects, such as hands or paper clips, to measure something. They will also learn to measure two people or objects, and compare them with a third person or object. These exercises build preschoolers' foundational understanding of measurement and data.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Packing Boxes Song We're packing all sorts of boxes at the factory—short, tall, empty, full, heavy, and in every color! Measurement for kids has never been more fun. Early learners get a hefty dose of comparison vocabulary in this fun, sing-along video. Featuring words to help them compare and describe measurements, this catchy song and silly animation will have kids wanting to listen over and over again.
Castle Measurement

Time to joust! In this game, kids must find each item at the castle, based on descriptive clues. Each clue uses a measurement adjective to help children grasp the meaning of vocabulary such as big, small, empty, full, heavy and light. From the tall tower to the short tower, kids will love interacting with this beautifully illustrated interactive game.

Most Least Ski Racer In this cool counting game, kids get ahead by hopping the pile with the most snowballs. Kids will get counting practice and will learn to visualize numbers.
Ellie's Scarf Where will Ellie's yarn lead? In this whimsical interactive story, Ellie finds a mysterious piece of yarn, and follows it—up the stairs, over Rover the dog, behind the couch, until she finds a pleasant surprise waiting for her at the other end. Perfect for helping kids become familiar with positional vocabulary, this sweet math story has the pace, artwork, and warmth to leave kids feeling so happy, they won't realize how much they've learned.
Painter Floyd Puzzle Who knew Floyd was such an artist? In this interactive jigsaw puzzle, Brainzy's favorite dog is shown painting is muse—Roly the cat! Featuring four different levels of difficulty and optional hint buttons, this online puzzle is perfect for kids of all ages and skill levels. This silly scene will have early learners giggling and wanting to play over and over again.

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