Geometry at the preschool level involves identifying shapes and learning positional words. This guided lesson goes over these key concepts and vocabulary words, including top, bottom, up, down, in front of, behind, over, under and next to. Because geometry is one of the more visual math disciplines, it offers a chance for kids to build a fun, vibrant association with the subject of math.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Preschool Shapes Song

There are preschool shapes all around! Sing along with your kids as they learn about rectangles, triangles, circles and squares. This sweet animation takes early learners through these basic shapes, and connects each to real-world objects. This connection will help preschoolers memorize each shape's attributes, building a foundation for geometry.

Museum Spot the Shapes I spy ... circles, triangles and squares, oh my! In this fun geometry game, kids must look carefully around the museum for shapes that are hidden in plain sight. By looking for real-world examples of shapes, kids will build shape recognition skills, learning about shape attributes and positional words.
Shapes Hopper

Does your kid know the different shapes? Find out with this mud-filled shape game. Like many kids, Cuz-Cuz loves to get dirty! Your young learner will get to help Cuz-Cuz roll in the mud using his shape knowledge. As he makes his way along the mud bank, your kid will be challenged to compare and contrast shapes. Once a shape is correctly identified, Cuz-Cuz will gleefully dive into the mud.

Bone Catcher 2 Are your preschoolers dog lovers, but you usually struggle to motivate them to practice basic math skills? In this counting game, students play keep-away from Floyd the Dog, minus the slimy dog drool. You’ll be amazed at the giggles and laughs you hear as students’ excitement grows while they count higher and higher.
The Shapeshifter

Oscar's adventurous Uncle Harold has returned from a trip, and he brought Oscar an extra special gift! In this geometry story, kids review basic shapes in a real-world context as Oscar's little shapeshifter transforms into a square, rectangle, circle, oval, and more. Your kids will love the story so much, they won't realize that they're learning shapes. After the game, try our The Shapeshifter: Story Sequencing worksheet.

Square Tangram Challenge Learning how to make shapes from smaller shapes is an important foundational geometry skill. Help kids practice building shapes with this colorful tangram puzzle. Kids must compose a square from smaller squares and triangles to fix everyone's favorite robot, Muggo.
Create Mosaics With Shapes With this fun math game, your preschoolers will get the opportunity to create mosaics with shapes. Using a hexagon framework, students will make a beautiful design using 2D shapes such as triangles and diamonds. They will drag and drop the shapes into the frame and rotate the design as needed to fit the shapes. This is a great introduction to geometry and can be done over and over again!

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