This guided lesson on patterns teaches preschoolers how to recognize common patterns such as AB and ABC. It will also challenge kids to duplicate and extend simple patterns using concrete objects. This lesson gives kids an introduction to patterns, an important building block for problem solving and algebraic thinking. When done with the lesson, browse the accompanying pattern worksheets to extend learning.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Ant Parade Time for a picnic pattern...and we don't mean the blanket! Learn all about patterns from a parade of ants that have made off with this picnicker's food.
Roly's Pattern Quiz

What comes next in the pattern? Kids work with simple AB and ABC patterns in this interactive quiz, using the picture clues to figure out what comes next in the pattern. Patterning helps kids build a concept of what should come next, or the ability to make educated predictions. In this pattern quiz, early learners build these skills using shapes, fruit and animal pictures.

Make Your Own Pattern

Kids can flex their pattern-making muscles in this free-form creativity exercise. First they choose from a cheerful choo-choo train full of circus animals or an elegant gem necklace for Tutu to wear to the ball, and then they place items in a patterned sequence. Push your child to go beyond alternating colors and see how many cool combinations are possible!

Patterns on the Farm

Pig, cat, pig, cat ... what comes next in the pattern? In this interactive story, kids must learn about and extend simple patterns in a narrative context. Covering simple patterns such as AB, ABC, AAB and ABB, this sweet ebook uses lovable farm animals and gentle language to help kids grasp this important math concept.

Patterns Quiz Square, square, star...? Pick the picture to complete the pattern in this short patterns quiz, hosted by Floyd.

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