Anansi and the Turtle

"Anansi and the Turtle", a popular story for boys and girls, gives kids a chance to practice the letters A, T, Y and O in this guided lesson. Kids will practice both alphabet and phonics skills, as they work on identifying these letters in the story and understanding the sounds they represent. Targeted practice such as this helps with retention of these skills, as preschoolers begin their journey towards reading mastery.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Anansi and the Turtle The Golden Rule is a surefire way to teach children empathy for others. Kick-start this important lesson with this classic fable about sharing. Kids will learn to treat others as they'd like to be treated while being engaged with this story from start to finish.
Alphabet Ice Cream Opera Your student might not know opera, but they might recognize these letters! In this video, Officer Ice Cream belts out some familiar letters as they appear in bubbles above her.
Alphabet Beach Photoshoot

Take letter recognition practice to the beach! Kids will almost be able to feel the the heat of the sun and the cool ocean breezes as they take in this summer scene at the shore. First they'll listen to the cues, and then they'll snap photos of the letters with Officer Ice Cream's X-ray camera. This game makes letter identification practice so fun it's kind of like being on vacation.

Roly in Space

Roly the cat has always dreamt of going to space ... and he needs help getting there! In this interactive storybook, kids choose the path of Roly's adventures through space. From befriending funny aliens to visiting international space stations, the plot lines in this fun-filled ebook offer something for every kind of kid. Kids will have so much fun going reading through each of the 16 adventure paths, they'll forget they're honing reading skills and learning new vocabulary each time.

Find Roly

Here, kitty kitty! Roly is hiding under one of the boxes, but can your child follow the moving boxes closely enough to find him? In this game, kids must watch closely as Roly hides under one of three identical moving boxes. Kids will flex fine motor skills and improve hand-eye coordination, which will help them get ready to write.

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