Goldilocks and the Three Bears

The letters G, B and E are heavily featured in the classic tale of "Goldilocks and the Three Bears". This guided lesson uses the story to teach the letters G, B and E in a focused and fun narrative format. Using a story kids most already know gives them a leg up on letter recognition and boosts reading confidence. Don't miss the accompanying printables that can extend learning opportunities.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Goldilocks and the Three Bears Your preschooler can settle in for storytime with this digital retelling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. By reading along with the narrator and highlighted words, preschoolers get introduced to early literacy concepts in this interactive story. A versatile tool for preschool reading and writing lessons, this read-along activity is a new take on an old classic.
Goldilocks: Reading Comprehension

In the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears, whose porridge tastes just right? Help kids answer that question and more in this interactive reading game. Pre-readers will build important comprehension skills by answering questions about the key details in the story.

Birdee Ukulele Inject a little tropical calm into the day’s learning activities with the little-known one-hit wonder, Birdee, as she plays her famous ukulele and sings the praises of the letters B, G, and E. Birdee’s catchy tune is sure to boost your preschoolers’ letter recognition skills, and soon enough everyone will be wondering just where they can find the lyrics to this amazing classic.
Alphabet Balloon Pop: B, E, G Up, up, and away! Early readers get practice recognizing letters B, E, and G in this fast-paced alphabet balloon pop game. Balloons with different letters of the alphabet appear out of the windows, and it’s your child’s job to pop the balloon that matches the correct letter (hint: it’s either the letter B, E, or G) as quickly as they can before it disappears. With every correct balloon popped, Floyd gets closer to his hot air balloon ride. This game is a great resource to help preschoolers build letter knowledge and early reading skills!
Goldilocks Puzzle Puzzles aren't just a great rainy-day activity -- they work on math skills like shapes and organizing. Put together this puzzle that comes in four levels of difficulty.
Roly's Seasons Quiz

In this quiz game for preschool-age children, your kid matches clothing items with the appropriate season. The verbal cues add some language practice for children as they complete the quiz.

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