Consonant-vowel-consonant or CVC words include examples such as paw, cow and pop. Identifying these words and understanding the sound that they make is crucial to building reading fluency. This guided lesson provides practice with CVC words by focusing on their intial, medial and ending sounds. You can boost learning with our supplemental worksheets that offer more practice with CVC words.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Bumper Cars Give your kindergarteners’ phonological awareness the bump it needs with this cute video that helps them learn how to pronounce the word ‘cat.’ Roly the Cat rolls in at the end for extra emphasis that these bumper cars are knocking together beginning, middle, and end sounds to construct a real word.
Blending Sounds Hopper

CuzCuz likes to get dirty before bath time, and he needs some super phonics help to hop in mud puddles. Kids must hop on the word that matches the letter sounds they hear. Blending onsets and rimes will help kids build the skills they need to become great readers.

School Bus Spelling

In this game students will help the school bus along its route by spelling simple three-letter words. At each stop, it's up to your students to build a bridge using spelling skills! As your super spellers move the letter tiles, the narrator sounds them out, helping your students spell a three-letter word to match the picture shown. Working with letter sounds and spelling words from scratch is a great way to practice blending and segmenting. What's more, the bus passengers are sure to be grateful once they reach their destination. Play other Brainzy games to make learning fun!

Spot the Blended Words What's more fun than reading a book? Going inside of it! Hunt for vocabulary words in these illustrated story scenes.
Roly's Blending Sounds Quiz

A critical step in learning to read is immediately connecting a word with the thing it defines. Your kid can get valuable practice with that skill with Roly's phonics quiz. Your early reader hears vowel and consonant sounds and matches them with objects whose words contain those sounds. It's awesome phonics practice and awesome phonics fun at the same time!

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