This guided lesson builds upon kindergarteners' understanding of consonant-vowel-consonant or CVC words. Exercises teach kids how to spell CVC words, in addition to understanding how to pronounce each segment of the word. As children learn to swap out individual letters within words, they will build important phonemic fluency. Don't forget to check out our CVC word printables for further practice.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Segmenting Gum Stretch If your kindergarten students are having a tough time identifying the different sounds in words, this short clip will give them something to chew on. The beginning, middle, and end sounds that make up the word ‘gum’ are presented in an easily digestible manner, so students can figure out just how to pronounce the word.
Ending Sounds Jump

When kids successfully segment a simple word, they break it into beginning, medial, and ending sounds. Help early learners master breaking words apart with this ending sounds game. Once they've mastered CVC words, kids will be better readers, writers and spellers!

Bus Stop Spelling

Everyone on the bus! It's almost time for school, but the school bus is stuck. Kids must correctly sound out and spell simple words in order to fix the bridges and help the gang get to school. Kids get a picture clue for each word, and use visual and audio clues to help them segment and blend each word.

Letter Swap Segmenting

Challenge your child to create whole new word by changing just one letter in this switch 'em up letter game. CVC (consonent vowel consonent) words are featured prominently in this segmenting game all about word construction. While playing, your kid will get some essential spelling and vocabulary practice. He'll also build essential phonics skills as he identifies which letter of a word can be replaced to give it an entirely different meaning.

Are You Like Me Story This little cub can only seem to find friends that sound like him, but aren't the same. Join him on his journey that practices letter sounds.
Letter Sounds Quiz

A critical step in learning to read is immediately connecting a word with the thing it defines. Your kid can get valuable practice with that skill with Roly's phonics quiz. Your early reader hears vowel and consonant sounds and matches them with objects whose words contain those sounds. It's awesome phonics practice and awesome phonics fun at the same time!

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