This guided lesson provides an introduction to the letter-sound correspondence for consonants N, D, H, J, C, W, V, Y, Z. It also works sound-to-letter and sound-to-image correspondence, which are different strategies to help students decipher pronunciation of unknown words. Not only does this work important listening skills, but teaches kids to look for context clues in what they are reading.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities
Monster Letters: NDHJCWVYZ
Young learners will no longer be afraid of trying to sound out letters such as H, J, W, and Y, thanks to this sweet little clip involving monster letters. While every student will surely have a favorite with whom they most closely identify, the monster letters in this exercise will help kindergarteners get over their fear of pronouncing many letters in the alphabet.
Letter Sounds Photoshoot

Where are those letters hiding? Help kids practice letter-sound correspondence with this fun phonics game. Kids move Officer Ice Cream's camera around to shoot pictures of consonant letters hiding in the dark. The more practice children get with letter-sound correspondence, the easier it will be for them to learn how to read.

Letter Sounds Match-Up
Beginning sounds get an upgrade in this sci-fi themed game that takes place in a mad science lab.
Monster Shout
She scares monsters by the seashore...read this short, silly story about a pack of monsters and their friend Cora Lee, and learn some rhymes and letter sounds along the way.
Monster Shout: Reading Comprehension
There is no need to follow up a fun read with an intimidating learning activity. If you notice that your young learners are a little afraid of post-reading quizzes, help them overcome that fear with this unique reading comprehension training exercise. Kindergarteners will love recalling facts about their favorite little monster letters, Z, J, W, and D.

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