Lowercase Letters

Kindergarteners will learn all about uppercase and lowercase alphabet pairs in this lesson, focusing especially on learning to identify lowercase letters. Kids will also be asked to listen to the sounds that each of the lowercase letters represent, further boosting their early reading skills. Don't miss out on the accompanying printables that help to provide further practice with the alphabet.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Diving Lowercase Letters While your kindergarten students may be experts at recognizing uppercase letters, it is important to teach them lower case forms as well. This clever video shows upper and lowercase letter pairs diving into a pool. Just before they are snapped up by a shark and disappear from the screen, your students can call out the letter along with the video’s narrator.
Learn Lowercase Letters

Prepare for takeoff! In this high-flying game kids get to take Tutu on a flight into the sky to find lowercase letters in the clouds. Kids control Tutu's movement with the mouse or trackpad and click on the cloud with the letter that matches the narrator's clue. Early readers can never get enough practice seeing and recognizing letters of the alphabet, and this interactive game makes it fun! Check out other Brainzy games to make learning fun.

Lowercase Letter Balloon Pop When else are you going to be encouraged to pop balloons? Find the balloon with the matching lowercase letter and help inflate Floyd's balloon in the process.
Lowercase Letters Hop It's always a good time to get messy! Help Cuz-Cuz find his favorite mud puddle by picking the correct lowercase letter.
Alphabet Cloud Catcher: Lowercase Letters Help your young learner expand their letter knowledge with Alphabet Cloud Catcher: Lowercase Letters! Perfect for kindergarteners working on recognizing letters, this game asks players to find and click on the clouds that contain lowercase letters. When they choose correctly, Tutu turns the cloud into a rainbow, while wrong answers result in a rainstorm.
Match the Letters A-L Match the uppercase letters with lowercase letters in the beginning of the alphabet! In Match the Letters A-L, kindergarteners will travel through half of the alphabet looking for matching pairs of uppercase and lowercase letters. This activity includes three rounds asking students to practice recognizing letters—giving them a great way to cement their letter knowledge.
Match the Letters M-Z What is the lowercase and uppercase form for the letter M? How about for Q? Visit the second half of the alphabet in the game Match the Letters M-Z. In this online activity, kindergarteners will look at four rounds full of letters from the latter half of the alphabet as they build letter knowledge. It’s a fun way to practice recognizing letters!
Alphabet Hide and Seek When everyone else is asleep, the letters of the alphabet come out to play—it’s time for alphabet hide and seek! In this digital storybook adventure, students follow along as the narrator reads and highlights every word in the story. Colorfully and boldly illustrated, this educational game asks students to keep up with the story and spot the letters in each picture. They will practice reading left to right, reading top to bottom, and hearing the alphabet sequence several times. This online resource supports the kindergarten language arts curriculum.
Alphabet Hide and Seek: Reading Comprehension Continue the lowercase letter learning fun for kindergarteners using this zany reading comprehension exercise. As students review the qualities of the characters in the story, lowercase letters G, B, H, and S, they will grow more confident not only in their ability to recognize lowercase letters, but also with remembering specific details presented in stories.

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