Digraphs are combinations of two letters that together make just one sound. These extra special words are very common but can be tricky, as kids typically learn that letters make unique sounds. Practice this skill with these learning resources now!
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Digraphs Photoshoot Officer Ice Cream is on the case! Go on a digraph hunt with this fun game that challenges kids to find words with certain beginning sounds.
Digraphs Matching This short matching game is a great challenge for digraphs review! Match the letter combination to the picture for easy digraphs practice.
Digraphs Hopper Looking to learn digraphs? Get silly with this game that makes a big, fluffy monster jump in the puddle containing the word with the correct ending.
Digraphs Demolition Demolish some digraphs by identifying the correct letter sounds in this silly game! In Digraphs Demolition, Kindergarteners can practice hearing digraphs by busting through the bricks that have the matching sight words on them. Also good for first grade, this word game develops phonological awareness in young readers of all age levels.
On a Ship Story Why would there be a chick on a ship? In this story, short words with letter blends take to the high seas for a silly adventure.
On a Ship: Reading Comprehension This learning activity uses cute pictures and short sentences to help students understand the seemingly complex subject of digraphs. First graders hear digraphs all of the time. This activity with Floyd the Dog highlights just how common digraphs are, and demystifies them for young learners who would otherwise be intimidated.

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