This guided lesson in sight words can help boost first grade reading fluency. Sight words are common words that are not easily pronounced by early readers, such as people and great, which is what makes practicing these words so crucial. Kids will get the exposure to sight words that they need to take their reading comprehension to the next level.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Sight Word Sailors Birdee and crew have some words in their sights! Sail the high seas with this motley crew and search for a smattering of sight words.
Sight Words Sun Attack: Set 2

Learning sight words is a critical part of every first grader's skill set. Help kids get a leg up with word memorization—and keep Officer Ice Cream from melting—in this fun, fast-paced reading game. Kids must freeze each sun as the sight word is called out, but hurry ... or Officer Ice Cream will melt!

Sight Words Cloud Catcher: Set 2

Can you spot the sight words? Kids can make beautiful rainbows out by identifying sight words as they float by. For every correct answer, a rainbow appears ... but read carefully! Answer incorrectly, and the cloud starts to pour rain. This game is an engaging way for early learners to memorize common sight words.

Sight Words Balloon Pop: Set 2 POP goes the sight word! In this fast-paced game, kids must identify sight words and pop them before they disappear. The words appear on balloons, and kids will love virtually popping them with their pin cursor. Perfect for discovering and mastering new sight words, this reading game covers essential vocabulary such as: were, then, would, each, was, are, and an.
If Book Learn some sight words with a silly story. Short sight words are woven together to make a tale about kids, dogs, hats, cats, and vans.
Sight Words Sentence Match: Set 3 Muggo the Robot is here to make sure that your first grade students are able to comprehend the meaning of short sentences containing sight words. In this modern twist to the common quiz, students are asked to choose between two sentence choices that could describe an adjacent image. The correct answer allows them to proceed on to the next round.

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