Segmenting is a reading technique to help first graders break apart the sounds in new words. One example of this would be segmenting the sound units in the word black (b/l/a/k). This can help early readers tackle new words on their own, boosting reading confidence. This guided lesson teaches kids how to segment words in order to improve overall reading fluency.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Segmenting Gum Stretch 2 Stretch your imagination when it comes to new teaching methods that can be incorporated to help your students stick with phonics. This short and silly clip pulls the different letters in the word ‘gum’ apart to work on each one individually, helping your students quickly master both the spelling and pronunciation of a sweet new word.
Ending Sounds Hopper Sad, bed, and head share something in common—do you know what it is? In Ending Sounds Hopper, little learners will delight in helping Cuz-Cuz get as dirty as possible by leading him to the mud puddles that match the correct ending sounds and letters! Ideal for kindergarteners and first graders, this game helps kids segment simple words as they practice hearing ending sounds. As they play, they will improve their phonological awareness and letter-sound relationships skills, essential steps on the road to reading fluency.
Segmenting Sounds Spelling Breaking apart CVC words into separate sounds can be tricky. Help your child learn to master segmenting with this adorable spelling game. Kids listen to a word (and reference the visual onscreen) and must spell it by isolating the beginning, middle, and ending sounds. Each letter's sound is reinforced when the mouse is hovered above it, giving kids a chance to hear each vowel sound independently.
Letter Swap Quiz

Which letter will turn PAN into MAN? Kids will flex their phonics muscles in this fun letter swap quiz. Working with popular onsets and rimes, kids must segment each CVC word and swap letters to make a whole new word. This tricky game will sharpen phonemic awareness and spelling skills. 

Sight Words Demolition Smash some sight words in this silly game that stars Roly the cat. In Sight Words Demolition, first graders will knock down a building by identifying high frequency words. First, they will listen to the instructions, then find the sight words mentioned in the narration. If they get it right...boom!
Book Who Is Like Me This pug just wants a friend! Join this pug on his journey to find a creature that looks -- and sounds -- just like him.
Segmenting Quiz: Beginning, Middle, and Ending Sounds What is the beginning sound in the word can? In this interactive phonics game, kids practice segmenting simple CVC words to identify individual letter sounds. Perfect for children who are learning to read, this game focuses primarily on beginning sounds, helping kids master letter-sound correspondence and spelling simple words.

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