Teaching kids to blend, or combine, sounds in order to pronounce new words is an important element to first grade reading. Segmenting the sounds that make up a word, and then blending those sounds to pronounce them correctly, can be a tricky skill to master. This lesson helps take first graders through this process, with guided practice and helpful examples.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Blending Sounds Photoshoot

Practice breaking apart words and blending them back together in this interactive phonics game! Kids must blend sounds together to find matching images hidden on screen. Perfect for early learners, this game allows kids to practice working with onsets and rimes, an essential skill for learning how to read.

Blending Sounds Spelling Build bridges by building words in this silly game that tests your kindergartener's knowledge of using blends in spelling! As your child comes across each broken bridge in Blending Sounds Spelling, they'll need to spell a word using letter blocks. Each word has a colorful illustration to help, and a narrator sounds out each letter as your child spells, emphasizing letter sound relationships.
Blending Ice Cream Attack In this game that works on sight word recognition, students beat the heat with Officer Ice Cream by knocking down matching words.
Tutu's Blending Sounds Quiz Listen closely—can you hear each sound in the word? Kids practice consonant and short vowel sounds in this phonics game. Early learners must listen closely, and identify an image for each short vowel CVC word that they hear. By practicing blending, kids will strengthen reading skills and their ability to learn new words.

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