Sight words are commonly founds words that are not easy to decode because they don't follow set phonics rules (and must be learned by sight). Examples of sight words commonly found in first grade texts are would, thank, rain, and should. This guided lesson introduces first grader readers to even more sight words to help boost their comprehension and fluency.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Roly's Sight Words Munch Sight words such as ‘they,’ ‘all,’ and ‘so’ just barely whet the appetite of Roly the cat. Your first graders will learn to have a thirst for acquiring new sight words even greater than Roly’s seemingly insatiable quest for new knowledge. After a few rounds, even the newest, most obscure words in this short video will become sight words for students.
Sight Words Cloud Catcher: Set 1

In this interactive online reading game, kids fly in the sky and turn rain clouds into rainbows by clicking on the correct sight words. Sight words are words that appear commonly in language, and kids learn to recognize them "by sight" without having to sound them out. This sight words game helps build that skill, as kids try to quickly identify the right cloud before it floats off the screen.

Sight Words Balloon Pop: Set 3 Give your students’ vocabulary studies a breath of fresh air with this zany sight words game. With each successful selection and subsequent popping of a balloon, first graders bring Floyd one step closer to taking flight. After students correctly identify enough sight words, their ability to easily recognize sight words, along with Floyd, will be ready for lift off.
Hen Pen

The sky is falling! Enjoy this classic kid's tale, adapted for the Brainzy e-storybook library. Try following along with the words as they highlight. If your child sees some words she doesn't know, try clicking on a word to hear it read again out loud.

Hen Pen: Reading Comprehension Students who love the zany Hen Pen story will have a blast stretching their reading comprehension wings with this activity. Roly the Cat is here every step of the way encouraging first graders to get their sight words practice in. Once a young learner is able to understand a sight word as readily as they do the image that goes along with it, they will be able to understand every aspect of a story.

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