Fractions can be a tricky concept for third graders to master, but this guided lesson can help kids get there. It provides focused instruction designed by teachers and curriculum experts that is specific to the third grade curriculum. Exercises and practical examples help kids to put fractions in context with real-world math problems. When finished with the lesson, check out our fractions worksheets for more practice.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Worm Sandwich Fractions Lunch is served! Birdee and her feathered friends get wiggly, squiggly sandwiches divided up into equal shares in this game where fractions meet food trucks. Your child will help Chef Cuz-Cuz serve up worm sandwich fractions to all the hungry customers by correctly filling in the numerator and denominator. This entertaining math game gives your third grader plenty of practice with fractions and fair shares.
Fractions and Fair Shares Help your students understand how to identify fair shares in fractions problems with this helpful exercise.
Jungle Fractions on a Number Line Kids help Roly swing from vine to vine as they practice adding jungle fractions on a number line! This interactive math game is designed to help third-grade students understand and visualize fractions as parts of a whole by seeing them on a number line. With colorful animation and amusing jungle sounds, practicing adding fractions has never been more entertaining!
Fractions and Line Plots 1 Show students how to use a line plot to examine fractions with this easy to follow exercise.
Fractions and Parts of a Whole Show students how to use fractions to deal with parts of a whole with this clear exercise.
Fractions and Parts of a Set Show students how fractions can be part of a greater whole with this exercise on fractions as parts of a set.
Equivalent Fractions 1 Equivalent Fractions will help students practice this key third grade skill.
Gem Mining Fraction Conversion Chip away at fractions in this fraction conversion game with a gemstone theme. In this game that tackles mixed numbers and improper fractions, third graders get to head into a cave full of jewels with Birdee, and excavate gems according to the improper fraction or mixed number listed, providing a handy visual for fractions. Then, they get to convert the number to the other format.
Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions 1 Not all fractions are created equal, and this exercise introduces students to mixed numbers and improper fractions.
Comparing Fractions with Like Denominators: Space Voyage Floyd is heading to planet Zorb, but he's running low on fuel cells. Help him continue on his space voyage by comparing fractions with like denominators in this intergalactic math game. Perfect for third and fourth graders, young space explorers will use their knowledge of parts of a whole to fill up their fuel tanks by creating visual representations of the given fractions, and then practice comparing fractions by putting them in the correct order.
Compare Fractions with the Same Denominators 1 Students will love comparing fractions with the same denominators once they work through this exercise.
Compare Fractions with Different Denominators 1 This exercise will explain to students the confusing task of comparing fractions with different denominators.
Whole Numbers as Fractions After completing this exercise, students will be able to convert whole numbers into fractions with ease.
Fractions and Money Show students how fractions are relevant to their own lives with this exercise based on money.

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