This guided lesson takes kids on an exploration of the world of measurement, from weight to volume to recording data. Commonly, third graders have a difficult time applying math skills to real-world problems, but this lesson, designed by our curriculum experts, will help provide important context for measurement skills. For even more printable practice, consider downloading and printing the recommended measurement worksheets.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities
Fractions and Time
These examples of how time can be broken down into fractions show that fractions relate directly to students’ everyday lives.
Time to the Minute
With this exercise, your students will learn how to tell time to the minute in no time at all.
Calculating Elapsed Time on a Number Line
Show students how to use a number line to calculate elapsed time with this Education.com teaching aid.
Addition Word Problems and Elapsed Time
Students will be able to work their way through addition word problems dealing with elapsed time in no time at all, thanks to this Education.com exercise!
Subtraction Word Problems and Elapsed Time
For students who find word problems challenging, this exercise will make it easier to understand subtraction and elapsed time presented in word format.
Measuring Length in Inches
American students will benefit greatly from this exercise that instructs how to measure in inches.
Comparing Length and Metric Units
Young learners love comparing objects, and this exercise will give them the ability to compare lengths and metric units.
Measurement and Capacity
Students will have fun measuring the volume capacity of objects they use on an everyday basis.
Measurement and Weight
Lighten the burden of learning a new skill with this exercise on measurement and weight.

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