In kindergarten, kids are piecing together all the words and letters they can decode in order to build stronger reading fluency. This is why their understanding of sight words, or commonly occurring words, is so important. This guided lesson familiarizes first graders with the sight words they will most frequently encounter in texts, boosting their decoding and comprehension skills.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Sight Words Memory Penelope the Pegacorn is back to help your students develop their reading skills and memorization ability, bringing kindergarteners a virtual revamp of the classic memory game. Using Pegacorn playing cards, Penelope will help your young learners develop both their abilities to recognize sight words and memorize the location of information.
Sight Words Hopper Sight words, or high frequency words, are an important reading building block in kindergarten and first grade. This game asks students to be a sight words hopper by helping Cuz-Cuz jump over mud puddles. Each mud puddle features a sight word, such as "have" and "can," and students must jump over the correct sight word read out by the narrator.
Kindergarten Sight Word Clouds Tutu wants to brighten up your kindergarteners’ study of sight words with this fun activity. Almost as if with the wave of a magic wand, your students will instantly find the motivation they were lacking in their quest for developing a larger base of sight words they can use in future reading assignments.
The Tree Story What can you see from the top of the tree? Work on some short sight words in this cute little story about you, me, and a tree.
The Tree: Reading Comprehension This sight word activity provides the perfect opportunity to review the word ‘am.’ Boost your kindergarten students’ ability to recognize a sight word when they see one, by showing them how to click on every instance of the target word in this interactive passage, and you’ll see the list of vocabulary words within their grasp quickly grow ever higher.

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