Comparing Stories

Students will start to build their reading comprehension and story recognition abilities with this stories lesson.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Tortoise and Hare Story Ever heard the phrase, "Slow and steady wins the race"? Learn where it comes from—and practice reading fiction—with this updated version of “The Tortoise and the Hare” story. Young readers will gain familiarity with early literacy concepts such as reading left to right, reading top to bottom, and recognizing correct spacing between words. Kindergarteners will enjoy being read to by the story narrator, but even older kids can find enjoyment by choosing to read along or even reading this beloved story themselves.
Tortoise and Hare: Story Ordering Give your kindergarten students the perfect opportunity to problem solve while developing the critical skill of properly identifying and retelling the sequence of a story. After gathering up fallen pages from the Tortoise and Hare story, your students can click and drag each page to re-arrange the storyline back into its proper order.
Contrasting Literature Quiz Roly the Cat brings your kindergarteners this sweet review of Tortoise and Hare that builds both reading comprehension and an understanding of illustrations. With each question, students must read the two, two-word sentences, and then select the phrase that correctly describes the illustration shown.
Ant and Grasshopper Story One works hard while the other hardly works. In this version of the classic ant and grasshopper story, young readers learn the value of hard work while building skills related to reading fluency. Children can choose to follow along while the story is read to them or try their hand at reading by themselves. Either way, kindergarteners and other early readers will grow their understanding of early literary concepts and skills that come with reading storybooks.
Ant and Grasshopper: Story Ordering The illustrations in Ant and Grasshopper are a hit with kindergarteners, but it is important to make sure your students understand what took place in the story, too. Piecing back together the storyline with this drag and drop game not only tests reading comprehension, but also develops students’ ability to re-tell a story.
Contrasting Literature Quiz 2 Young learners often derive the meaning of a text from accompanying illustrations. To reinforce this often self-taught skill, and ensure that students are developing reading comprehension skills along the way, let them play with this compare and contrast activity that references the short story, Ant and Grasshopper.

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