Comparing Information

Learning how to read fluently includes more than just piecing letters together to form words. Kids also have to read from left to right and notice spacing between words. Help your child become a fluent reader by tackling these skills.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Brown Bears Story Chances are your child has a teddy bear at home. Introduce your young reader to the real-life version in this short nonfiction story all about brown bears.
Informational Text Quiz Your kindergarteners will love training their reading comprehension skills and reviewing vocabulary with this game that involves anything but guessing. The pictures involved, such as the one of a cute hibernating bear, make it easy to see just why this skills building format is preferred over classroom-wide Q&A sessions.
Giant Pandas Story It's never too early to start nonfiction learning! Read this short story full of facts about giant pandas, and learn early reading concepts like fluency, too.
Informational Text Quiz 2 When the time comes to decide how to build your kindergarteners’ reading comprehension and vocabulary skills, this short activity makes it an easy choice. Students are asked questions, and presented with four images as answer options. Associating visual cues with verbal review helps students train their mind to retain information in a new and engaging way.
Bears Reading Comprehension This comparing and contrasting exercise introduces kindergarteners to two intimidating subjects, bears and the Venn diagram. In no time at all, they will grow comfortable with using this visual technique to assess like and different qualities, whether analyzing brown bears and pandas, or any other objects.

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