Measurement and Data 2

Measurement and data in first grade includes such important concepts as comparing the length and weight of two objects using a third object. This guided lesson, designed by curriculum experts, takes students on an exploration of these measurement and data concepts. Once through with the lesson, kids can gain extra practice with measurement and data with the accompanying worksheets.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Measuring with Nonstandard Units Song In this fun video that features the Measuring with Nonstandard Units Song, children see how objects can be measured by using different objects. For example, you can measure your height with a stack of books or a book with a line of paper clips. This resource is great for first graders or any child learning about length and measurement.
Reordering Objects

Kids compare objects by their length and height and move them around to place them in the correct order. This game lets kids play around with classic cars like a 50s convertible and a 60s "Bug," and actual bugs like a sassy centipede and a gracious grasshopper. Click and drag the objects into place according to the words on the screen.

Unicycle Race Measurement It's a beautiful day for a unicycle race! In this measurement game, Roly, Cuz-Cuz, and Birdee are racing toward the finish line ... and it's up to your kid to help them identify items in this silly picture, based on clues with measurement vocabulary. Listen carefully to each clue to spot the tallest, shortest and longest items.
Muggo's Raft

How long should Muggo's raft be? This math story is a great complement to first grade measurement lessons, introducing basic measurement concepts in a clever way. Kids will learn that there are different units of measurement, and Muggo's raft will come out different sizes depending on which unit is used.

Color Bar Graph Cuz-Cuz and Birdee asked all of their friends about their favorite color, and now they need help understanding their data. In this beautifully illustrated graphing game designed for first and second graders, young math learners will get practice reading and interpreting bar graphs as they answer several questions about the color bar graph made by their Brainzy friends.
The Super Pals Super Floyd, Birdee and Officer Ice Cream are working hard to save the city ... and they need your child's help! Early learners choose the path of their adventure in this epic interactive tale, and will love reading the story over and over to uncover all of the different endings. Tag along with Super Floyd to track down the cause of a mysterious earthquake, or answer a call for help with Birdee and Officer Ice Cream—all while building important reading skills and vocabulary.
Solve the Measurement Riddles

Make measurement math fun with these tricky riddles! First grade students learn to measure and compare objects, and this game adds a fun twist. Kids read and listen to the clues carefully to choose the correct answers, using logic and language skills. Riddle me that! 

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