First grade geometry covers basic shapes, as well as an introduction to 3D shapes. Our team of curriculum experts designed the following guided lesson, which provides an overview of first grade geometric concepts and gives kids lots of opportunities for practice. If your child needs more support in a different format, check out the suggested first grade geometry worksheets.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Trapezoid and Rectangle Shape Song Trapezoid can be a rowboat, a popcorn box and so many other great things ... but no one knows about her! In this adorable shape song, Trapezoid and Rectangle sing about how she stacks up to other shapes—and why she's just as special as circles, squares and other geometry figures.
Shapes Quiz This shapes quiz is a great way to test students' knowledge of 2D shapes. Students are asked to click on the shapes to correctly answer the questions. Which shape is not a square? Which shape has four corners? Learning to identify 2D shapes with shared attributes is a particular focus of the third grade curriculum.
Shark Tangram Challenge

Oh no! Muggo has a few broken parts and he need your kid's help to make a full recovery. The only way to get him back in working order is to have your kid use tangrams to create a target shape. A tangram is a Chinese puzzle that promotes spatial awareness and tangram play will help your kid get a firm handle on shape recognition. What's more, tangrams are a great early introduction to geometry.

3D Shapes Ice Cream Attack

It's a hot day, and Officer Ice Cream needs your child's help to beat the heat! In this sunny geometry game, kids must identify 3D shapes to keep Office Ice Cream from melting. If she correctly identifies the 3-dimensional shape, that sun will freeze. Be careful though; if she incorrectly guesses the sunny cube, sphere, prism, cylinder or rectangle, the suns get even closer!

Hexuzzle Blast off into space with this Hexuzzle that gives first grade students a deeper understanding of hexagons through seeing how shapes fit together to form a hexagon. Rotating the hexagon gives students a different, simpler perspective of a shape that might previously have seemed inaccessibly complex.
Spot the Shapes

There are nine shapes hidden in this messy closet—can your child find them all? Perfect for teaching new shapes and brushing up on the basics, this game will also help kids learn the attributes of trapezoids, parallelograms, semi-circles and more. Kids will also hone critical observational skills with this “find it” exercise, and learn real world examples of shapes to help recognize them again and again.

The King and the Moon

For a leisurely geometry lesson, let your child sit back, relax, and read this charming storybook. The story involves shapes and fractions to help familiarize kids with the concepts and language of basic geometry. Let the narrator read the text, or have your child read to you for some extra reading practice.

Spot the Difference 2 Your first graders will love this challenging second round of matching shapes identification. Students will dive deep into shape recognition skills building by sorting through the pirate’s chest and selecting the gems, jewels, and other treasures that match one another. There is a little bit of pressure beyond the depths at which they’re working – there is a timer to beat, too!
 Dino Crunch: Attributes of 2D and 3D Shapes Which 3D shape has six square faces? Which has no flat faces? Get to know cubes, spheres, and rectangular prisms in this online learning activity. Dino Crunch: Attributes of 2D and 3D Shapes helps first graders review geometry topics and identify 3D objects in a fun, dinosaur-themed exercise. They’ll have to use their critical thinking skills to figure out which attributes go with which shapes!

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