In first grade, kids will learn how to tell time using both analog and digital clocks, a skill that can be tricky to master. Give kids lots of extra practice with this guided lesson in first grade time, designed by our team of curriculum experts and teachers. If kids need extra support in a printable format, check out the accompanying time worksheets.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Telling Time Song Tick-tock goes the clock! In this telling time song, kids learn how to tell time to the hour and half-hour. In addition to showing corresponding times on analog and digital clocks, this song and animation also cover the difference between the big hand and the little hand. Kids will love this song so much, they won't realize that they're retaining important information about reading clocks.
Clock Match: Time to Half-Hour This clock match game helps kids learn to tell time to the half-hour. Students are asked to match each digital clock to the analog clock showing the same time. Reading big hands and little hands to tell time to the half-hour on an analog clock is a key math skill, especially for students in the first grade.
Telling Time in the Sky Help Tutu turn rain clouds into rainbows in this engaging math game all about telling time in the sky. Children will listen for the time and scan the falling clouds to find the corresponding clock, all the while building skills and confidence telling time to the hour and half hour. This time-telling game is perfect practice for first and second graders—or anyone who could benefit from a little extra analog clock review!
Telling Time Story First graders can clock their way through the school day with this telling time story, a great way to introduce kids to telling time to the hour. Also a hit for second graders, your child can read along as the narrator goes through her school day, telling time to the half hour and hour along the way, from a sudden start to a much-needed sleep.
What Time Is It? What time is it? In this game, students play timekeepers by choosing which clock shows the time called out by the narrator. This visually stimulating game is full of engaging illustrations depicting a variety of analog clocks that will help learners practice identifying time to the hour and half-hour. Being able to tell the time on an analog clock is a math skill most practiced in the first grade.

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