Measurement and Data 3

Comparison is one of the most crucial math skills second graders learn, because it can be applied to so many other disciplines across the elementary school curriculum. In this measurement and data lesson, kids will work on object comparison and graphing. The exercises ask kids to list objects in size order, estimate length, note differences in length, and make bar graphs.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities
Get started with measurement—and manners—in this cute story about two robots who learn to jump high. Kids will love the colorful illustrations and characters, and can get some measuring practice as they read.
Learn the basics of measurement in this wild, wacky measuring game! Sort animals, aliens, and people from shortest to longest and longest to shortest.
Pass the popcorn! Kids practice measurement with a virtual ruler in this drag-and-drop game. This math game prompts children to answer a variety of questions to strengthen estimation and measurement skills. Kids practice by dragging each object to the ruler, and answering questions about the length or height of each.
Super Floyd to the rescue! In this beautifully illustrated measurement game, kids must use a ruler to identify buildings and help Super Floyd save the day. Kids rely on visual estimation skills and their ability to read a ruler to answer each question correctly.
The Twigs are getting ready to rock the stage, but they need to be measured for their costumes first. Kids practice estimation and working with a ruler in this colorful measurement game. Kids will love the silly band members and the awesome artwork, while teachers will love how students get in important estimation practice with this digital game.

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