As second graders deepen their understanding of value, money will take an important place in the math curriculum. You can help teach kids the value of coins with this guided money lesson, designed by our team of curriculum experts. The lesson features targeted instruction and helpful exercises that provide practical real-life examples for kids to use in practicing this skill.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities
Roly Coin Story
Here's a story that practices reading AND math! Follow Roly on his quest to make enough money to buy the world's biggest cookie. Can he earn it all before the bakery closes?
Ordering Coins By Value
Penny, nickel, dime, quarter! Kids must order coins according to their values in this interactive drag-and-drop math game. Perfect for helping children grasp real-life money skills, this ordering game will have them counting up their own coins and understanding their values in no time.
Identifying Coins: Couch Fishing
Quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies! The Brainzy gang is fishing in the couch for coins, and they need help identifying which is which. Featuring realistic paintings of US coins, this money math game is perfect for kids who are working to master coin identification.
Money Math: Piggy Bank Game
Count up the coins to find out how much money has been saved in the piggy bank! In this manipulatives math game, kids practice counting up coins and adding money to this virtual piggy bank. Focusing on money and counting, this game helps second graders master the values of different coins and practice abstract addition all at the same time.
Money Math: Shopping with Penelope
Learning to count coins is a crucial life skill, and essential for second grade math. Help your child learn to identify coins and add them up with this money manipulatives game, as they help Penelope pay for purchases at the cash register.

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