Numbers 11 to 20 Level 1

In this introduction to numbers 0-20, kids practice what they've already learned about the numbers 0-10 and build new skills in counting 11-20. Not only will preschoolers practice recognizing these numerals, but they will also be given rote count to 20 exercises to reinforce skills. Approaching numbers in a scaffolded way such as this helps build math fluency and boosts confidence.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Bigger Than Ten Song What's bigger than ten? If your child has just mastered the first ten numbers, it's time to move on to the teens with this catchy song.
Numbers 11 to 20 Photoshoot In this game, kids search the skies not for stars, but for numbers between 11 and 20.
Numbers 11 to 20 Balloon Pop

Floyd is ready to go on a hot air balloon journey, but he needs a little help getting off the ground. In this number recognition game, various characters will appear in the windows of the building holding balloons. It's your kid's job to pop the right balloons labeled with numbers 11 through 20 to add hot air to Floyd's hot air balloon. With each number correctly identified, Floyd will rise a little higher. Once your kid has popped all the right balloons, Floyd will finally be able to take off and roam the skies of Knowhere.

Ski Racer: Numbers 11-20 Click on each number as you hear it! Identify numbers over 10 to win the race in this interactive educational game. As your kindergarteners build their number sense, Ski Racer: Numbers 11-20 will help them hone the ability around counting numbers 11-20. And if they get enough numbers right, they’ll be able to take home the gold!
Speed Counting 11 to 20 Counting to 10 can be quick for most preschoolers, but going up to 20 can be a challenge. Help early learners grasp number recognition skills and counting to 20 with this fast-paced number game. By helping a woodpecker peck through boards, kids will master counting quickly and one-to-one correspondence ... and have so much fun, they won't realize they're learning!
Snail Chores Ten little snails are prepping for a party with their friends, and getting lots of counting practice along the way! In this sweet interactive story, kids will listen and follow along as the snails make sure they have enough food, toys and more for the 20 friends at the party. With a beautifully painted pages and a consciously slow pace, this story will appeal to all kinds of kids. Plus, the repetition of the 11-20 sequence gives learners plenty of opportunity to practice counting.

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