Teach preschoolers the skills necessary for learning how to count with this guided lesson. Kids learn one-to-one correspondence and how numerals relate to quantity. They also learn how to count out a given number of objects using both manipulatives and one-to-one correspondence. With scaffolded learning techniques that help kids build skills, as well as opportunites to practice these skills within a narrative, this lesson has counting covered.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities

Sing along and count seashells, crabs, and kites at the beach in this adorable math song. Kids will love the sweet graphics, and educators will love how this animation addresses one-to-one correspondence in a visual, easy-to-understand way. This song helps kids make the leap from knowing number symbols to knowing the actual amount of items that the number represents.

Your kid will have the opportunity to demonstrate her number knowledge with this colorful matching game. First she'll determine how many objects are in each box, and then she'll assign a numeral to each of the groups of objects. This game is a great way to reinforce a basic understanding of numbers and it'll help your kid get a firm grasp on the relationship between numbers and quantities.

Eating pizza is great, but it's even more exciting to make your own! In this game, your child will do just that. First, he'll decide what kind of pizza he wants to make. Then he’ll add onto his pie with a wide range of wacky and traditional toppings. Finally, he'll count out and arrange the toppings per the customers' requests. Talk about a fun and delicious way to practice counting and number sense!

Everybody knows how much fun it is to play with our favorite toys. But it's important to clean up too. Your child will help Floyd tidy up and put his toys back in the toy chest by listening for how many toys he wants to move at a time. Then she'll drag and drop the correct number of toys into Floyd's toy chest. This game is a good way to test your child's understanding of the relationship between numbers and quantities and it serves as a handy reminder that we should always pick up after ourselves.

Is your kid ready to race? A number-filled ski race is sure to bring out her competitive side. As her chosen character zips down the mountain, she'll have to quickly identify the correct piles of snowballs to jump over. This extreme game is a fun way to test your kid's number knowledge and her ability to quickly associate number names with the quantities that the numbers represent.

There's a curious critter looking for cute little items all over the house, and he needs your kid's help! Your child can get involved in this charming interactive storybook by choosing the items that the curious critter should add to his collection. This game helps kids count based on hearing and reading the words that represent numbers, improving their number sense, a key part of preschool math.

Order up! Whip up some hamburgers, hot dogs, and tacos in this game that teaches kids to identify groups of items.

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