Having a strong understanding of short A words like bag, hand and bat can help first graders with reading fluency. This guided lesson helps to support first graders as they expand their comprehension of short A words. With targeted exercises and familiar examples, the lesson will take kids through the short A words they will most commonly come acrsoos in first grade texts.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Short A Opera If you want to increase your kindergarteners’ confidence in recognizing and using short vowel sounds, Officer Ice Cream’s opera performance is going to be a hit. For a lively time learning, make this short skit interactive by encouraging students to belt out their own short versions of A, E, I, O, and U.
Short A Tracing Floyd is here to help your first grade students connect the dots. They will learn how to write the letter A, as well as how to pronounce it in its short form. Students love learning through interactive games, and the catchy song at the end of this one will keep this lesson stuck in their mind for a long time to come.
Short A Photoshoot 2 Officer Ice Cream is enlisting your first graders in a photographic mission to locate all of the images in a scene that represent short A words. With each correct photo taken, students are one step closer to completing this unique activity that looks at how letters affect the pronunciation of real world objects around us.
Short A Spelling Cat Food

Roly is hungry ... hungry for words! Your child can practice spelling words that have the short A sound by filling in the missing letter. This reading game helps build an understanding of phonics, as children see parts of words and put them together to form several new words.

Short A Cloud Catcher 2 Tutu is calling on your first grade students for assistance, and in return they will master the concept of the short A sound. Students’ view of learning will brighten as a result of this exercise: for each correct word choice (each word is accompanied by an image), Tutu will convert the cloud it is drifting down on into a rainbow.
Sight Words Drummer

Get in the groove! With this fun sight words game, your kid's reading skills will be tight as a drum. Roly shows his chops and plays a beat full of sight words, and your kid follows along with him. Playing the sight word beats in the correct order will make your kid one cool cat! This game helps build familiarity with sight words while providing a fun memory challenge.

The Cat and the Rat Max the cat has an unlikely pal! In this sweet emergent reader, kids practice basic reading skills using short a words and simple sight words. Kids will like the upbeat narration and cartoon-like illustration so much, they'll want to read this interactive story again and again.
What's in the Picture?

In this short A reading comprehension game, Floyd serves as a helpful guide as your kid picks out sentences that accurately describe the pictures. By way of reading and selecting sentences, your kid will get a firm handle on the short A sound. He'll also work out spelling skills, spotting the differences between similar sounding words. What's more, he'll make the connection between the words and what they represent in real life.

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