In first grade phonics, it's important to reinforce kids' understanding of short O words like dolphin, dog, sock and doll. By learning short vowels, kids can decode and decipher these sounds in words they don't already know. This guided lesson takes first graders through exercises and examples that will help them practice identifying short O sounds within a text.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Short O Song 2 This clever little ditty will have first graders bopping their heads along to the educational jam. Great picture and word examples, along with the catchy tune itself, make the short letter O sound much more accessible to young learners. If your students are struggling to discern the difference between the long and short O sounds, turn them onto this memorable song.
Short O Match-Up

When Muggo fires up his friend-making machine, it's up to your kid to help it run by finding the pictures that start with the short O sound. Early learners can blast through the game using just the pictures, or take their time and get help from the narration that sounds out the words. Words that start with vowel sounds can be tricky for early readers, but this game makes it fun!

Short O Cloud Catcher 2 Tutu is at it again, showing first graders just how to pronounce words that contain a short O sound. If teaching the short O sound is your aim, Tutu isn’t here to rain on your parade. For every word that students select correctly, Tutu will put a smile on their face by turning the cloud carrying it into a rainbow.
Short O Hopper

Things are bound to get a little messy in this mud-filled game featuring the silly puff ball Cuz-Cuz. Kids click on mud piles that have the short O sound in them, sending Cuz-Cuz straight into the mud where he'll get all dirty in the name of phonics-building fun. Identifying vowel sounds in words is an essential part of early reading, and this game is a great way for kids to get the practice they need.

Short A or Short O?

Time to identify short vowel sounds! In this game, kids must sort words into backpacks according to their vowel sounds, to help Roly and Tutu get to school with the books they need. The combination of text and visuals helps reinforce good reading and spelling knowledge for your child as he plays this sorting game.

Sight Words Sun Attack: Set 1

Take aim at the sight words could, that, by and now and with this game that challenges your kid to help Officer Ice Cream beat the heat. Kids must freeze suns by working on listening and recognition skills. Emerging readers will need to be quick though; the longer it takes to identify a word, the closer the suns get!

We Are We Book Vowel sounds are all around! In this online story, kids can read along as two friends discover the things they have and the vowel sounds they share.
Short O Sentence Match Help kids master simple sentences with this reading comprehension game. Children read two sentences that feature short o CVC words and choose the one that matches the picture. Perfect short vowel practice, this game helps kids build the skills they need to understand complex texts for years to come.

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