In first grade, kids are piecing together all the words and letters they can decode in order to build stronger reading fluency. This is why their understanding of sight words, or commonly occurring words, is so important. This guided lesson familiarizes first graders with the sight words they will most frequently encounter in texts, boosting their decoding and comprehension skills.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities
Are sight words a source of confusion for your budding reader? Set your sights on sight words with this short video featuring skydiving sight words.

In this fast-paced reading challenge, your kid is Floyd's only hope! To help him get his hot air balloon off the ground kids must listen for a sight word, quickly find the word on the screen, and pop the balloon before one of the Brainzy characters pulls it back into the building. Early readers should learn to recognize sight words "on sight" without having to sound them out, and this game will help them do just that. Get popping!

Take a walk on the wild side with CuzCuz as he shows your first graders an exhilarating way to learn sight words. Whether your students are purely motivated by seeing the little critter grow increasingly muddier, or bring a love of reading to this game, they will quickly grow adept at picking the correct sight word.

Here's a sight word story that's fit for early readers, written with high frequency words that first graders should be able to read by themselves. Challenge your child by choosing "Read by Myself", or follow along with the highlighted words as the narrator reads aloud.

Sight words are an essential early reading skill. Help kids master important words with this interactive sentence match game. Kids must read each sentence and choose the one that best matches the picture. Be sure to read carefully, as some of these silly sentences are very similar.

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