Knowing the patterns for pronouncing short U words, such as jump, mug and sun, can help kids decipher and decode new texts. This lesson provides guided instruction to teach kids how to say the short U sound, and gives lots of examples of short U words first graders will commonly encounter. For more practice with short U words, be sure to check out the accompanying worksheets.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Short U Dot-to-Dot Help Floyd and Roly lay down beats in this dot-to-dot game! Kids will practice tracing the letter u, and listening to the short u sound. The numbered dot-to-dot also helps early learners work on their counting skills.
Short U Quiz

Up, umbrella, underwear! Expand your child's vocabulary, phonics, and spelling skills with this interactive short u quiz. Kids must identify words that start with the short u sound in this phonics game. Featuring audio reinforcement and cheery graphics, this game helps put the "fun" back in fundamentals.

Short U Rhyme Match

Cub ... sub! Kids must match the short u rhyming words in this interactive card game. Focused on short u words, this game helps early learners master reading simple CVC words, and matching rimes to identify rhyming words. Adorable graphics help make this simple matching game fun for every kid.

Short U Cloud Catcher Kids practice isolating beginning, middle, and ending sounds in this fun-filled phonics game. Children must determine the short vowel sound in each CVC word to correctly identify short u words. Perfect for word family practice, this game combines listening, reading, and visual skills to help every kind of learner.
Sight Words Sun Attack: Set 3 With, two, they, all—what sight words do you know? In this reading game, kids must race against the clock to identify common sight words. They'll need to be fast, because if they wait too long to answer, Officer Ice Cream will melt.
Book Gus The Bug Gus is a bug that likes to hug! Meet Gus and other short -u words in this brief story about a cuddly bug.
Gus the Bug Quiz

Early readers get plenty of valuable practice with short U sounds when they try to answer these quiz questions featuring adorable scenes from Gus the Bug. In this challenge that combines reading comprehension and vowel sounds, kids have to choose between two sentences, determining which one best describes the picture. Our e-storybook version of Gus the Bug is only available in Brainzy, our comprehensive games program for early learners.

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